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Hi, my name is Tabari Rashid. In 2010 before I dedicated my life to health and wellness, I was unhealthy, overweight, and unemployed. To make matters even more stressful, I was about to to become a brand new father. My confidence and self esteem was so low at the time, that I questioned if I would even be a good role model for my daughter.

After my daughter was born, holding her for the first time was the inspiration I needed to be better, do better, and live a healthier lifestyle. At that moment I knew the best way for me to help myself was to help others, like you, first. With that new mindset I enrolled in school to become an NFPT certified personal trainer and an AFPA certified holistic nutritionist. With my confidence and self esteem back on the rise, I changed my lifestyle, and lost 40lbs!

True Spirit Fitness was created to help you become the healthiest version of yourself and overcome the obstacles that may be in your way.


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