What is Spiritual Fitness?



Spiritual Fitness is a term used to enhance a person’s overall spiritual awareness through health  and fitness and shows how proper physical training can enhance spirituality and help one cope with and  enjoy L.I.F.E.

Spirituality  may be used generally to refer to that which gives meaning and purpose in life.  The term may be used more specifically to refer to the practice of a philosophy, thought  process, or way of living. Spirituality has two primary expressions:  


Human Expression: Refers to the essential core of the individual. Includes activities that  strengthen self and build healthy relationships. Examples include:

  • love of L.I.F.E. & love of self.

  • healthy eating & physical exercise.

  • less television, less social media.

  • discipline & accountability. 


Divine Expression: Refers to the application of Knowing. Includes activities that connect one  to the Divine Self, the Godhead, and Chakra alignment. Examples include:

  • meditation, grounding, and reading to apply knowledge. 

  • Study of the  subconscious mind. 

  • Astrology, Reiki, and understanding and proper use of crystals.

  • using herbs properly & often.

  • knowledge of your Ancestors and The Royal Cosmic Family.