Cross-training is the combination of two or more training styles. The reason for cross-training can be that you have dual goals, such as BECOMING MORE EXPLOSIVE AND BUILDING LEAN MUSCLE, or want to compete in a sport like CrossFit, or you prefer variety in your exercise FOR AN INCREASED FAT BURN.

  • 12 weeks in length

  • Access to members only training app

  • Great personal training plans with video (from 2 angles), photos and descriptions

  • Can be done at gym or home with the proper equipment

  • Volume (exercises x sets x reps)

  • Rest intervals (how long you rest between sets/exercise)

  • Type of progressions (which variable changes over time)

  • Increased cardiovascular fitness (able to go further, longer)

  • Increased muscular endurance (the ability to do more reps)

  • Is built around your schedule

  • The program will be built according to your skill level

  • Complementary nutritional coaching and advice to ensure results, fast

  • Food diary reviews, training reviews and updated plans

  • Regular assessment every 4 weeks

  • Access to me via email, text and phone if you have any questions or want advice

  • Build a better relationship to your body

  • Increased muscular endurance (the ability to do more reps)

  • Loss of body fat

  • Improve overall fitness


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