1. What makes True Spirit special?

A. #1 The Professionalism. #2 The Program. #3 The Systems. It only takes a minute in training with to feel the difference.

2. Is there a charge for the Consultation?

A. No. The Consultation is a free phone call provided to you one time as a courtesy to learn more about the True Spirit Fitness Training Program. During the session, we will discuss your exercise history, health history, fitness goals, and lifestyle. We will also answer any questions and explain our program!

3. How much weight can I lose with your program?

A.Members who follow our program typically lose 8-12 pounds of body fat per month. Individual member results will vary!

4. What is the investment to work with True Spirit Fitness?

A. We have 2 different training programs. Ranging from $75 to $125 weekly. Program includes fitness testing, custom meal plan, weight training, and methods for warming-up, cardio, and stretching.

5. How are you able to make quality personal training so affordable?

A. We have been in business for a long time, which has enabled us to develop great systems of efficiency! We also prefer to help more people at lower rates, rather than fewer people at higher rates!

6. What makes you a qualified trainer?

A. Yes. I have two training accredited certifications, a Holistic Nutrition certification, as well as stretch therapy, and over 10+ years experience working with clients of all ages and backgrounds.

7. Do I have to sign a long-term agreement?

A. No. Our program is month-to-month after the first 3 months! Our minimum commitment is 3 months.

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