Friday 8/7 8pm

I planned to start Friday at 8pm my first run. My migraines were gone and my watch had arrived. I had worked out as I would normally do on any other day. Thursday I hit legs, Friday I did back. My legs were oddly sore on Friday though, I wasn't expecting that at all. It wasn't too bad I just thought it was ironic. Obviously by this time I had told someone what I was planning to do, my fiancee. She was excited for me and said she was fully committed to helping me thru this weekend. As the time approached I was excited. I decided to go live on IG for a few minutes before every run just to share my experience. To be honest with you that's something that I rarely do, share my personal experiences with people. The things I do...the character building things..the things that really push me and break me down, I prefer to do alone. I mean, I'll share those things with my inner circle, the people I know really got my back but to share, just for the sake of conversation..with the world..nah.

So as I approached my first 4 miles I was excited. I had no expectations. I'm not a runner..I mean I ran track in high school and I was really good. I ran the 400 but long distance wasn't my thing. This was the whole reason I got my smart watch. I remember finishing in a little under 10 minutes which was cool with me. I knew going in keeping stats and all that wasn't what this was about but I remember that 1st mile.

It was hot and my legs were still sore from the workout but I finished in under an hour. I was excited. It was fun. I didn't have any worries, no expectations, just one step at a time.

Then 10:59pm hit...

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