Saturday 8/8 10:02am

I still hadn't talked to my dad yet. I had gotten some texts from family members with his room contact information and I tried to call but no answer. I had gotten a few encouraging texts from family members that he was better but still not 100%. His brothers and sisters were there for hims so I was confident that he was ok and if anything went down they would let me know.

His test results were still not back but he was more coherent than before. I wanted to share what I was in the midst of doing cause I knew he would be proud. My dad is the type of parent that is your biggest fan. I always thought that was really cool of him. If anything I always knew I could count on my dad to be in my corner.

He would never let any of his children ever feel sorry for him because he any decision he made was his and God's. No need to feel bad if things didn't go the way you wanted them to, just keep going and don't lose faith.

So I took what he taught me and kept the faith. I kept focused on my goal and faith that my father would be ok.

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