Saturday 8/8 12pm (20 miles in)

I had work to do real actual job related work. So I hadn't gone back to sleep since I woke up for my 8am run. The energy I had today was really high and good. Today was just so energetic.

I had to meet two new clients at 11am and they joined the True Spirit team. Their energy was also great and I was excited to start working with them.

This was almost the halfway point of my 48 miles and it was hot as hell outside. 91 degrees. I knew this run was crucial because it was my first afternoon run and it was extremely hot out. I had to make sure I was hydrated and just overall ready for this. I felt like if I mess this run up then I would mess up my whole weekend. Heat exhaustion and dehydration are real.

These 4 miles I thought about the importance of what I was letting into my energy. Especially music wise. All this running I was always listening to something. Really all of these miles I had listened to 99% jazz music...nothing harsh or angry. I was too "open" to receive those types of messages. The suddenness of jazz matched my emotions. The ups and downs, the beauty and the pain, everything I felt without using a single word.

I finished my last mile on the treadmill. I ran in a way where mile 3 would bring me back to my gym. The heat was getting to me as this was my first afternoon run.

My spirit was open and I was feeling good as I wrapped up my first 20 miles in 16 hours.

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