A Smart Watch

I wanted something. I didn't really know at first just something, maybe a pair of shoes, a new battle rope or maybe a gadget. Yea, a gadget would be cool. I wasn't really thinking about it too much, I kinda just tucked it away in my mind and decided if something appealed to me, then I would get it. I was scrolling on the "innanet"..like most of us do and I saw the 4x4x48 and I thought..this would be a great reason to get a smart watch. I had never had one and wasn't that interested in owning one plus I already had a really nice watch I had gotten for my birthday, but doing this would be an excellent reason to get that smart watch..that gadget.

Now, when I saw this "challenge" running 4 miles, every 4 hours, for 48 hours it really resonated with me...honestly more than the smart watch lol. I was thinking this run was insane..but..I can do that. As I said those 4 words the switch inside of me instantly was flipped and I put the idea in the front of my mind.

For the next 2 days it was all I thought about..I was preparing myself mentally. I had no expectations but finishing. That's all I thought about was completing this 4x4x48. I checked the calendar to make sure I had nothing to do and if I did have something that it fit around my schedule runs. I didn't say anything about to anyone, I wanted the energy to swell inside of me before I told anyone. During this time I ended up getting a low grade migraine. If you know about migraines you know they suck ass. It wasn't too bad but I had it for consistently for 2 days(Tuesday and Wednesday). I was starting to think that if I had this migraine Thursday I probably wouldn't do the run, I didn't want this migraine to turn into a major one.

That Wednesday though I was talking to one of my clients about how people rarely have success in majority areas of their lives because "...they don't take the time to make purposely make themselves uncomfortable for the sake of growth, ...people don't wanna do the inner work that translates to every part of their lives."

Listening to myself make that statement I KNEW I was going to do the 4x4x48 and complete it no matter what.

That I night...I ordered my smart watch.

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